Dive Art bindery house was created in 1998 by specialists in the field of printing. Our team consists of technologists, designers, and salesmen with sufficient background who take into account the latest trends in this sector.

We offer you a complete cycle of high quality printing and printing related services:

  • design, prepress, design of dies
  • printing techniques: digital, offset, transfer, screen; hot stamping, embossing
  • thread sewing, wire sewing
  • edge painting: gold, silver, color
  • mounting of eyelets, ring binder mechanisms, clipboard mechanisms, screws
  • mounting of spirals
  • backing
  • butterfly backing

If you do not see the service you need, let us know through the contact  in the web site, and ask your questions.

Dive Art bindery house is specialized in the creation of custom made products that  combine traditional and modern book binding techniques with best quality materials. The production process is both mechanized and manual. We can make non-standard products in terms of size, color, and details — you decide!

For us, it is important to note that you can order both multiple and single copies, which will be made by hand and with great precision by our experienced specialists.

Dive Art bindery house will work with you in order to find the perfect presentation solution for your trade exhibitions, design work, photos, works of art, portfolios, menus, boxes, personal projects, etc. In order for you to become better acquainted with the variety of products that we offer, please review the picture galleries on our web site. If you cannot see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us as every one of your ideas can be accomplished!


Dive Art bindery house produces books of every kind.
Here are some of the types of books that we offer depending on the production:

  • paperbacks and hardcover books
  • books made of cardboard — suitable for children
  • puzzle books;Books of non-standard shapes
  • luxury books with hard covers made of leather, canvas, or other materials
  • photo books

All books can be ordered edge painted in gold, silver, or other colors. They can be hot stamped, embossed, partially varnished, etc.


Dive Art bindery house produces folders, binders, and clipboards without a compromise on the quality. These items can have various effects made on them, such as hot stamping, embossing,  impressive openings on the covers. We also offer various options for closing elements, such as magnets and elastic cords.


Dive Art bindery house offers various effects intended to make the look of your products non-standard and unique.

  • edge painting of books and other printed materials
  • edge paintings in gold, silver, metallic colors, mat colors
  • holographic edge painting
  • hot stamping with variously colored foils: mat, metallic, holographic
  • embossing


Dive Art bindery house  produces both commercial purpose boxes and luxury boxes. We make boxes with various types of closing, such as magnetic, with laces, with velcro, etc.

design & print

Dive Art bindery house will suggest original ideas concerning the look of your end product. We offer complete design and prepress as well as checking and reworking, if necessary, of already created files. The company performs quality control over the entire production process using professional technical equipment.

  • Printing techniques: digital, offset, transfer, screen
  • Hot stamping, embossing


Mounting of:

  • metal spirals for paper body thicknesses of up to 40 millimeters
  • metallic eyelets of various diameters
  • plastic eyelets with a height of up to 20 millimeters
  • metallic and plastic tubular rivets
  • metallic and plastic screws


1415 Dragalevtsi / Sofia / Bulgaria
+ 359 2 967 53 31